Recipe Cornucopia – Part 2!

December 19, 2013

Vitruvian DharmaRemember how I said I’d be posting new recipes every other day?  Bam!  Here it comes.  There’s this thing they call “follow-through” and you’re looking at it!  Seriously, though.  I have more recipes for you.  And, in an added twist, this time I’m going to give you a sense of my usual note-taking process.

Be forewarned, then: these two recipes are messy-looking.  That is, they leave out a lot.  They make assumptions about implicit steps.  They contain untested Read the rest of this entry »


Vitruvian DharmaFood ethics has always been an important topic to me, and my solution to the ethics of my sustenance has been a paleo/primal approach.  This may surprise some, as paleo’s reputation for being “all meat all the time” might seem counter-intuitive as a response to the question of nutritional ethics.  Aside from the “all meat” image of primal eating being 100% false, the thinking that advocates “ethical vegetarianism” is, I believe, deeply flawed.  I started giving serious thought to my eating (not to mention the larger question of carving out an ethical place in the world for myself) about ten years ago.  Throughout that journey, I’ve been guided by a desire to improve the world for all creatures, human and animal alike.  I believe that the paleo model is the best way to do that.  Here’s why:

2500 years ago, the Buddha taught a philosophy based on one simple notion: do no harm.  He advocated vegetarianism Read the rest of this entry »

Vitruvian DharmaHello all!  Yes, I’ve been out of touch for a while, but don’t worry: I haven’t forgotten you.  I have been insanely busy (such is the life of an actor with a day job) and have spent a lot of time going from work straight to rehearsal, straight to bed.  Let’s not forget about the importance of sleep, after all.  I have, also, been wrestling with a number of issues in my personal life, and have made some progress on those fronts.  I’m looking forward to a possible shift into a different job at the same company that will offer me a bit more flexibility, but, more importantly, will make me happier and less stressed out.  All of that, of course, means I will have more time and energy to devote to projects like this one.  Everyone wins!  Yay!

At any rate, I wanted to check in and write a little something.  I’ve got some formal recipes coming up, but in the meantime, I’ll be offering a food porn gallery of stuff I’ve been cooking since last we visited, and offering a few thoughts on the pictures that, hopefully, will help all of you improve in your own kitchens.

Speaking of self-improvement (which, as you know, is a favorite topic of mine), the other thing that’s been keeping me busy is self-development through games.  Anyone interested in language acquisition should check out Duolingo, which makes a social game out of language study while also translating books and the internet for free.  Anyone interested in cultivating resilience and general well-being should visit SuperBetter, which game-ifies self-improvement more generally by making a sort of RPG of your own life.  Complete with “quests,” activities based on scientific research into resiliency (your ability to bounce back from hardship, and a predictor of satisfaction with life), you can set your own goals and improve across physical, mental, emotional, and social categories.  Awesome stuff.

Without further ado, here are some photos (courtesy of Vani, except for the last one).  Click them to see larger versions.

Thai Scrambled Eggs with ginger, garlic, cilanto, sriracha

Thai Scrambled Eggs with ginger, garlic, cilanto, sriracha

Close up!

Close up!

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